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Articles selected from the internet

Articles: 2013

Ethiopia builds its first drone
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption

Articles: 2012

Hot Air Ballooning over Addis

Articles: 2011

Somaliland, Ethiopia and China to Sign Trilateral Deals
Ashegoda Wind Farm to start power generation in July
Indian Firm to Design U.S.$78 Million Mekelle-Djibouti Railway
Millennium Dam: a turning point in the Ethiopian History
Ethiopia lays foundation for Africa’s biggest dam
Ethiopia to Start Work on Nile Hydropower Plant, PM Meles Zenawi
Ethiopia: Do-gooders keeping Africa the dark continent

Articles: 2010

Former ministers’ foreign posts revealed
Ethio-German Joint Venture On Wind Energy Development in Ethiopia
New link in human evolution found in Ethiopia
Questions raised about ‘Ardi’ as man’s ancestor
Obelisk of Axum
Ethiopia launches first science academy
ETHIOPIA: Dam Critics Won't Go Away
Wedding joy for Live Aid hero girl
Eyeing Abyssinia

Articles: 2009

Tekezze to officially open next week
Ethiopia selling its land to the highest bidder- Washington Post Video
Open letter to UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon
Guarding our Economy & Sovereignty from Untenable “Democratic Capitalism”
Ethiopia: Hunger-Ridden Country Defends Land Grabs
Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference
Ethiopia - ERA completes construction of 138m Birr worth roads
Ethiopian method of multiplication
No Blunder on Amhara census
Ethiopia: lifting the mystery on rock churches 'built by angels'
Union lauds Ethiopia's decision on asset access for repatriated Eritreans
Ethiopia Allows Deported Eritreans to Reclaim and Invest in Ethiopia
New glass factory enters market with capacity of 42,000 tons a year
Ethiopia’s New NGO Legislation Long Overdue and a Step in the Right Direction
Ethiopia - Friends of Gibe - Full steam ahead
Hydro power in Ethiopia - the staged construction of Tekeze Arch Dam
Ethiopia - Egypt: A tug of war over the Nile basin
Tigray constructing over 450 million Birr worth safe water facilities
Ethiopia, France, sign 210 million Euros loan agreement for Wind Power Project
The land that forgot time
Suprised to find an Ethiopian Utopia
Ethiopia: under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Ethiopia: Desertification Reversed in North
Why Ethiopian capital is unique
Ethiopia - Opening the Pandora Box – Critique on Shaabia and Woyane remnants

Articles: 2008

Ethiopia: A feast for the eyes
The Crisis of a Democratic Civic Culture ... Ethiopia : A Point of View
Christians feud over Church of Holy Sepulcher
A Prehistoric Tale Told in Pictures
The Impact of United States’ Financial Meltdown on Ethiopia’s Economy
Ethiopian Ambassador Celebrates Lucy’s Opening
Restoring Ethiopia's great obelisk
Pan African movement - Time Line
New railway to link Ethiopia, Kenya, S.Sudan
Mental health fears over 'khat' use
Ethiopia - The King Who Granted Asylum to the Family of the Prophet Mohammad
Gov't to allocate 2mln sq.m. land for 200 skyscrapers
Lost Ark of the Covenant 'traced to Ethiopia
Ethiopia - The end of the student movement 1960-2008
Ethiopia - Geological phenomena cost EEPCo 400 mln br
The three pillars of progress
Adam, Eve landed here when Allah/God sent them out from Heaven
Green shoots of recovery
Making the Mini-Boom Last

Articles: 2007

KASCOM acquires promising gold concessions in northern Ethiopia
Keepers of the Lost Ark?
Ethiopia is Progressing!!
US HR2003: It is the oil!!
Ethiopië gooit condooms met koffiesmaak in de strijd tegen Aids (The Guardian)
SOVEREIGNTY: An Absolute and Perpetual Power
Ethiopia re-erects ancient Axum obelisk
The American millionaire Victor Ozeri said Ethiopia growing fast
Ethiopia's ancient church faces competition from evangelicals
H.R. 2003! Symbolic Gesture or Stern Measure?
Ethiopian blesses peacemakers, extols virtues of ancient culture
No Longer My Way Or the Highway
An Eventful Week!
How the Country Rose And Fell, Time And Again
Chinese architects to build new AU conference center
Some Donors Acted 'Shamefully' to See Release of Opposition Leaders - PM
Yale and Clinton Foundation Develop Blueprint for Ethiopian Hospitals
Sociology of Oromo Literature and Asafa Dibaba,
Country to Celebrate 2000 Years Soon
New Millennium: New Chapter: New Spirit: New Ethiopia
Ethiopia Starts to Take a Census
Ethiopian millennium under poverty, war and oppression
Towards a Common Ageda for 21st Century Ethiopia
The conundrum of Ethiopianism
When Hanah Beech takes the snuff, Ethiopia doesn't sneeze
Stupidity Without Borders — The Alliance of Utopias
Why Ethiopia Parties Like It's 1999
Like Nigeria, Ethiopia Also Has Its Good, Bad and Ugly
20th Century Ethiopian Art: An Introduction
Ethiopian Passes Top Aviation Safety Audit
Condominium houses to be built in Mekelle
Chile Hunts Tigraen Cactus
Region Poised for Double Millennium Celebration
The Battle of Adwa as a "Historic" Event
Re-erect Axum Obelisks
Hortiflora expo in Ethiopië: kansen voor de Nederlandse tuinbouwsector
Usurping the name 'Ethiopia', Abyssinia provokes Islamic Terror????
Lucy fossil is up for travel, African leader says
The Meroitic Ethiopian Origins of the Modern Oromo Nation
Progress Millennium Development Goals for Ethiopia’s children
Ethiopia and Eritrea - Fear For Fuming Fight
Adopting from Africa
Paul Henze on Somalia: Futile Attempt to Justify Ethiopia's US-Backed Invasion
Oracle offers software to Ethiopia
'Stubbornly Optimistic About Africa and Being African'
Ethiopian calendar is unique: US scholar
Ethiopia plans to provide 3 neighboring countries with electricity
A Place Not to Be Missed in 2007
Stabilizing Somalia and Ethiopia's Role Key Points
Ethiopia, Somalia Seek Regional Assistance
Ethiopia and Somalia
Ethiopians over their foreign invasion

Articles: 2006

Khat: socially acceptable stimulant or instrument of Satan?
Why We Must Adopt Geez Fidel
Ministers Propose 2007 As 'Year of Science' in Africa
Sylvia Pankhurst and Democracy
The Ethnicization of Ethiopian Politics: Origins and Significance
Avert Islamic Terror from Ethiopia!
Lucy's U.S. Tour
Thinking positively
Ethiopia's economic progress good -WB
Ethiopian airline dumps SITA, embraces Sabre IT system
Ethiopian royal family to sell property
The U.N. and Death of Internationalism
Child Adoption Ideal, But . . .
Kinijit: The Candle that is Burning on Both Ends
Where time stands still
Growing up in an alien environment
Meet the earliest baby girl ever discovered
Lucy's child: Humanity climbs down from the trees
Anterview with Patriarch Abune Paulos of Ethiopia
Girls from Ethiopia shake up Oakland with national dances
Ethiopia’s Kinijit Diaspora leadership, the sources of uncertain future
Ethiopia – The saddening crisis in Kinijit Diaspora leadership
UNDP Administrator to Visit Ethiopia (dhr. Melkert- Dutch)
Ethiopia opening doors to adoptions by U.S. residents
How Ethiopian values differed - part 2
'Miracle' girl who became face of Live Aid triumphs with graduation
What jihad is:
What is in a Name? Ethiopia vs. Abyssinia
Face of Live Aid appeal graduates
Solidarity With the Forces of Good
Staggering rise’ in world conflicts
Ethiopia: A model of religious tolerance
Ethiopia's obelisk to be erected after Sept. 2006 - UN
Ethiopia's a treasure for tourists
Winning the war on terror with water
Ancient Town of Queen of Sheba
Ethiopia full of cultural surprises
Internet Governance Being Given Priority in Addis Ababa
A warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy
While Nile acquisition of oil concession in S. Sudan
Many black Christians join move to Orthodox traditions
Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia
Construction of Axum University kicks-off
Is ist possible?
Ethiopian Turns 60: a Success Story of Six Decades of Service As Dedication Meets Passion
Flower industry is blooming in Ethiopia
There may not be a country called Ethiopia after Melese
The fascist invasion of Abyssinia
Ge’ez is to Ethiopia as Latin is to the west
Placing the nation, public above oneself
LANL geologist dates human origins
Libi Tigray "Tiwiyway"
Emperor yohannes - the most courageous leader of Ethiopia?
Professor Pankhurst is wrong about Yohanis IV
CETHIOPIA 2006: A Report on a Visit to the Country
Cactus Hailed as Viable Food Source in Northern Ethiopia
'Live and Become' depicts plight of oppressed Ethiopian Jews
End to poverty in sight for Ethiopia
Destiny of a Nation with Perpetual Struggle (Tigray)
Two Groups of the TPLF and Two Issues of Ethiopia
CRISIS PROFILE: Ethiopia-Eritrea border trouble
Facts about Tigrai
Is Bob Marley the Black Man's Prophet?
General information Tigray
Berhan is more the a miracle
Gursha: hand feeding
History of the African Nations Cup

Articles: 2005

Axum: The Ancient Civilization of Ethiopia
Ancient Aksum
Ethiopia leaps into the information age
Ethiopia's digital dream
If war comes, Ethiopia must take political measures besides defensive actions.
Ethiopia on verge of political crisis
At least 20,000 children smuggled yearly in Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Interview with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Ethiopia leaps into the information age
Living history in Ethiopia
Ethiopia's adoption dilemma
Final Statement on The Carter Center Observation of the Ethiopia 2005 National Elections September 2005
The Biblical Ethiopia
The dilemma of the Tigrians
Oppositions during EPRDF Ethiopia: Politics and democracy
CUD loses credibility as its scapegoat strategy fails
Ethiopia's digital dream
Aregawi Berhe and his Thesis of deception
The Ethio-Eritrean war : what next?
Lions and Elephants in Ethiopian History, 1
Ethiopians believe they have ark of covenant
Ethiopian Airlines is Africa's First Carrier
Why We Cannot Win the War Against Terrorism
Axum: The Ancient Civilization of Ethiopia
Who saved Birhan Woldu's life?
Food for African Thought
How Africa saw Live8
Cud: bad news to minorities
Patterns of Turnout in the Ethiopian Election of May 15, 2005 and Implications for Validity of the Results
Hidden individual political interest and the May 2005 Election
Constructions of Citizenship
On Sheik Al Maudi - Enough is Enough
The Menelik Factor on the Question of Eritrea
TheWashington agenda of CUD will not work in Ethiopia
I just wanted to write and let everyone know how I feel about Ethiopia
What were the demonstrations and the protestations for?
Democratic delusion
Why are Ethiopians protesting?
Democracy gains in Ethiopia, a key US ally in terror war
Ethiopia Remain Divided over Article 39 and return to chaos
Chronology: Key events in Ethiopia since 1991
B ackgrounder: Ethiopia's electoral system
Q& A: Ethiopia votes
1954: The Fall of Pan Somalia and Rise Ethiopian New Emperor
Thousands of Ethiopian children sold by parents
Africa unite: A vision realised
Archeological Vestiges Discovered in Ethiopia
Why I love Africa
Dutch Expertise to Boost Ethiopian Business
Axum Tomb
O blisk bigotry versus oblisk revolution
The dilemma of the Tigrians